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Aladdin, Jr.

Aladdin, Jr.

Aladdin, Jr. took center stage as a magical theatrical experience for seventh and eighth grade students. Audiences were dazzled by the bustling Arabian kingdom, with glittering costumes and spectacular dance numbers. From the music to the acting, the students earned enthusiastic applause.

Director Cole Ryden had nothing but praise for the students involved, stating, “Working with the cast and crew of Aladdin, Jr. was an amazing experience. Every student played a big role in making the magic of theatre come to life.” He continued, “I am so incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication these students brought to both the rehearsals and performances every single day.” 

The dedication and commitment displayed by the young actors left a lasting impression. “I have worked in the professional world of theatre for many years,” said Mr. Ryden, “Never have I seen a more dedicated group of young actors as I did while working on Aladdin Jr. with the SBS theatre students.”

Director of Arts Cindy Blades agreed, saying, “We are so proud of the students and directors! Wow! They were confident, talented and the choreography well-executed alongside excellent vocals. Thanks to all the parents, students for sharing their talents and directors for their leadership.”

Excited about what the future holds, Mr. Ryden concluded, “I can't wait for next year! Bravo to all the hard work these students put forth this year. Each and every one of you will do great things in life!”

Aladdin, Jr. Photos