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A Wonderland of Art

A Wonderland of Art

Parents, students, faculty and staff were transported into a visual wonderland when they stepped into the Woliver-Anderson Library during the 2023 Spring Art Show hosted by the SBS Arts Department. In awe-inspiring displays, visitors and artists alike marveled at the art exhibit, which featured works by lower, middle and upper school students, including AP artwork. Sketches, paintings, 3D works, and leather were on display over the course of the three-day event.

Bridget Roth, a sophomore studying 3D art, chose to create her environment. "I got my inspiration from my bedroom. This is actually a replica of my bedroom. I enjoyed using cardboard, crafts and random materials to make it fun and creative." 

Similarly, Arianna Willis ‘25 discovered the fun is in the challenge and adding a pop of color. "I enjoyed making pottery the best. It was more challenging, but I like the outcome. It’s my favorite piece!"

Each individual work of art displayed the incredible attention to detail, depth, and personality of its creator, which added a sense of originality to the exhibition. The stories behind the masterpieces were just as fascinating as the art themselves.

Leighton Chapman ‘23 presented his five works of art during the show. Each work was created with a variety of mediums, including watercolor, acrylic paint and wood-burning tools. Leighton shares, “My inspiration came from the different niches within religions, which is fascinating. It’s good to know about various religions because they impact our world.”

In the process of creating her western-culture-goes-pop-art pieces, Ashlynn Sems '23 experimented with graphite art, sketching on leather and using wood-burning tools. “I transformed this cowboy hat into a flat-brim hat and burned flowers and roses to make the designs. My first time making a design on leather took ten hours. The process is tedious and involves a lot of repetition, but it’s incredibly enjoyable, like a meditation of sorts.” 

Congratulations, artists and art teachers! We are in awe of your creativity, and we appreciate you sharing your incredible pieces with us during the Spring Art Show.  
“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see!” Edgar Degas, French impressionist