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A Texas Hoedown

A Texas Hoedown

Galloping in on “horseback,” Second Baptist School PK4 and Bridge students beamed with Texas pride as they kicked off Hoedown. Rooted in patriotism, biblical values and a love for our community, Hoedown displays the best SBS has to offer, starting with some of our youngest students. Introducing the show, Head of School Dr. Don Davis addressed eager parents, grandparents and friends in the audience. He said, “Education is the passing down of values, and our values are rooted in a Christ-centered education, academic excellence, within a caring community. Hoedown supports these values by instilling a love of God, a love of country and a love for our great state of Texas!”

PK4 teacher Sami Killion reflected, “The weeks leading up to Hoedown are full of energy and anticipation. Our students learn the Word of God and history of our state through music and dance.” Furthermore, “Hoedown is an opportunity to showcase our commitment to excellence, our love for God and our desire to share Him with our students and families.” 

The performance was full of Christ-centered songs and even a “Cowboy Prayer.” Students memorized John 3:16 and recited it from memory before showing off their square dancing skills and walking the “Lonesome Trail” around the gym perimeter, always a fan favorite. 

Ashley Corbin, lower school Bible teacher, explained, “Hoedown is, for many students, the first time they have performed in front of an audience. At SBS we strive to develop future leaders, and one important leadership skill is public speaking. Hoedown helps develop our students' confidence, showing them what they can do with hard work and a little courage.”

Accordingly, another highlight of the program was the Bridge students stepping up to the microphone one by one to share Texas facts with the captivated crowd. Bridge teacher Madeline Jobe said, “The students are poised and polished in the presentation of their Texas facts. They have practiced eye contact, hand placement and voice control, and they are ready to perform!”

Lower School Music Teacher Maryanne Elders described the biblical integration in this program, sharing that “students discover how the cowboys and cowgirls lived, worked and worshiped God on the prairie and on the trail. Our children learn through the lyrics of each song that the cowboys faced trials, fears and challenges, but their faith in God always carried them through.” She added, “My prayer is that these songs will be anchored in their hearts as they grow up and strive to live biblically in this ever-changing world.”

In the words of the two closing songs, “God is good,” and “God bless Texas!”