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A Passion for Creation

A Passion for Creation

Sarah McKeon brings her diverse art background along with her current personal accomplishments into her classroom to positively impact our SBS students through middle school art. After graduating with a degree in art history from the University of North Texas, Mrs. McKeon worked in museums and a local art gallery. She ran a letterpress print shop and design studio for eight years before deciding to trade her days spent creating wedding invitations for brides for teaching middle school students.

Mrs. McKeon recently wrote, illustrated and published her first children’s book, A Cave to Call Home, inspired by her family’s adoption journey. “This book was written as a love letter to our future children. It is my hope that it becomes a resource for other foster and adoptive families, as a tool for connection and a place to start conversations about complex topics. A percentage of each book sale will be donated to a different foster and/or adoption charity each year.” Her book now sits on the bookshelf in her daughters’ room, a proud representation of her love for them and passion for adoptive families. 

Middle school art is a time to reinforce students' value, build relationships and love on them as they are transitioning from children to young adults. Through her instruction, she shares parts of her publishing process, inspiring our students to reach for higher goals. Our students benefit from a teacher who exemplifies living biblically and can show them firsthand that nothing is impossible with God.

“Art making is an incredible tool for processing deep emotions, a way to worship and ideal for self expression,” says Mrs. McKeon. Just as she used art to chronicle and process her adoption journey, Mrs. McKeon teaches her students how to process emotion through art and trust their Creator. She shares, “My hope is that all students come to see their own creativity as something that mimics the creativity of the first and greatest artist.”

Mrs. McKeon also connects critical thinking to art; her vision for the middle school art program is “for students to grow in their technical art making skills and creativity, and to translate that into problem solving through creativity in their adult lives, whether or not they pursue artistic careers.” Using peer critique methods, “has been a wonderful way to guide students to understand clearly, to think deeply, to judge wisely and to have courage.”

Director of Arts Cindy Blades says, "Sarah McKeon is a valuable and treasured member of our arts department. Her kindness, patience, respect and passion for students is evident, and her accomplishments positively impact the students at SBS. We are proud of her authorship and have enjoyed being a part of her adoption journey as well. Our students are blessed to have her as their teacher."