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3D Printing the Hello, Dolly! Set

3D Printing the Hello, Dolly! Set

Setting and blocking a large production is no small undertaking. The SBS Theatre department typically only has a few days to block and adapt to the stage they will ultimately perform on when opening night arrives. To help with this challenge, upper school students in Scientific Entrepreneurship & Design and Visual Arts have stepped into the gap.

Using the on-campus 3D Printer, these students recreated the C Gym Theatre and Dunham Theatre at Houston Baptist University. In addition, they created the set pieces to scale that would be used, so that the directors and cast members could start to troubleshoot and prepare ahead of time. 

According to upper school science teacher Nathan Nease, “These students were really challenged to think critically as we worked on scaling the theatres down. Ensuring every proportion is scaled properly takes a lot of attention to detail and high level thinking.”

Upper school art teacher GeAnna Manners also added, “My favorite part of this project has been the idea that we can showcase and share all the many talents and gifts our students have. Whether artistic, mathematical or engineering and design–all are vital in these models that were created. It's wonderful to see everyone coming together.”

According to senior Jordan Williams, "I found it very interesting to create a real space. Typically, we create our projects in Fusion 360 but for this assignment we were able to bring it to life and see it in person. I am grateful for the hands-on experience this project provided.”

With the upper school musical only one week away, these 3D printed sets have served their purpose and prepped the cast of Hello, Dolly! for what is sure to be an incredible show.

GeAnna Manners concluded, “Our school’s mission is so evident in creative and innovative projects such as this. Students had to think critically in order to calculate all the mathematical information to scale the models to size. They were challenged to live biblically because these models were about community and doing something for the greater good of our school–not necessarily for themselves. They were challenged to lead courageously as these models will be used for years to come–they were a part of starting a precedent and doing it right. This project brought together science, engineering, visual arts and live theatre production, it has been really incredible to be a part of. "