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100 Days in H Building

100 Days in H Building

The hundredth day of school in our SBS lower school is always a momentous occasion, celebrated by kindergarteners dressed as 100-year-olds, and, more subtly, by the many ways our youngest students have grown - inches gained, teeth lost, reading skills sharpened and friendships built.

This year is especially celebratory as we reflect on 100 days of school in H Building, the beautiful new space designed with lower school students and teachers in mind. On December 5, 2022, teachers walked the barren, unfinished halls of this building, physically writing prayers on the soon-to-be walls and floors, and today, we see how God is answering them as young students grow in knowledge and understanding, academically and spiritually.

Head of Lower School Rita Herring shared, “Even after the first 100 days, the joy and excitement of lower school being together in our new building has not diminished. I love seeing the halls and classrooms filled with students and teachers. After years of planning and anticipation, having a space designed for learning and accomplishing our mission is wonderful.”

Lower school faculty and staff members reflect on the last hundred days and the impact of the new building.

“It has been so nice to be near colleagues in the same building rather than spread out over campus, to be able to collaborate and observe other teachers. Our classrooms have been such a blessing with all the added space. We have enjoyed using the extra elbow room, especially during math lessons. Our measurement unit was better than ever! We measured the hallways and the length of our classrooms; estimating the distance to the office was especially fun. Everything about the space was so thought out and perfectly planned. I love being in H Building!”
Alison Tidmore, Second Grade

“The first 100 days of teaching in the new building offered an unexpected surprise. I was prepared for the newness, the cleanliness and the joy of having a new classroom. What I experienced was the openness and abundance of light in the new building. The oversized windows throughout the building have offered opportunities to view the campus and the areas surrounding us. My students and I have watched the ever-changing weather patterns around us. We have seen storms develop and the sun break through the clouds. The openness that we experience in the new building reflects the vision of our school and the education of our future students.”
Madeline Jobe, Bridge

"I am truly thankful for the patience and grace our families have given us these past 100 days. Our talented and loving teachers have done a great job teaching our lower school students how to maneuver in our new spaces. Having all grade levels under one roof has made the culture here more cohesive between students and staff. I am blessed to be part of it all."
Natalie Weatherly, Lower School Administrative Assistant