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  • Photo of Michelle Alderfer

    Michelle Alderfer 

    Middle School Social Studies
  • Photo of Heather Aleman

    Heather Aleman 

    Upper School Science
    (713) 365-2382
  • Photo of Brooke Anderson

    Brooke Anderson 

  • Photo of Katelyn Appel

    Katelyn Appel 

    Middle School Mathematics
  • Photo of Allison Armond

    Allison Armond 

    Upper School Mathematics
    (713) 365-2421
  • Photo of Whitney Arroyo

    Whitney Arroyo 

    Lower School Bible
  • Photo of Joan Atwood

    Joan Atwood 

    Upper School English
  • Photo of Araceli  Babcock

    Araceli  Babcock 

    Lower School Pre-kindergarten 3
  • Photo of Arthur Babcock

    Arthur Babcock 

    Upper School Science
  • Photo of Ellen Barrett

    Ellen Barrett 

    Head of Middle School
  • Photo of Sarah Batista

    Sarah Batista 

    Middle School Second Language
  • Photo of Julia Beddingfield

    Julia Beddingfield 

    Upper School Librarian
    (713) 365-2310