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A Christ-centered, caring community achieving educational excellence in pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 12. 

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Jaclyn & Donnie Boutwell, Media Systems

Learn 3 practical ways to protect your children online, with Media System owners and SBS parents Donnie and Jaclyn Boutwell.

“To keep kids safer online, we like to recommend a layered approach,” said Jaclyn Boutwell. “No system is perfect, so having more than one will help ensure kids are better protected from harmful content.”

Donnie and Jaclyn Boutwell are SBS parents and owners of Media Systems, a home technology advisory company. The three top tools the Boutwells recommend to protect your children online are filtering, scheduling and monitoring.

  1. Filtering - Content filtering can be established through the home WiFi system. This is almost like applying a movie rating to the internet. You can set this up through your home wifi network or call your network specialist to have them show you how to set it up. 
  2. Scheduling - Setting screen time limits or schedules can be accomplished through Apple Screen Time or Google Family Link. Apple and Android both offer options to manage your student’s time on their devices, and you can block specific apps or websites. By setting your child up on your account, you can manage his or her time from your own phone.
  3. Monitoring - For monitoring, the Boutwells recommend a company called Bark. As parents, you can be alerted of any potential dangers that do come up. Bark will send you alerts based on subject matter such as drug use, bullying and self harm. This tool gives parents a bird’s eye view of what’s happening online with their kids.

BONUS TIP: Keep the devices in the common area of the home. The Boutwells emphasize, “A phone behind closed doors is like allowing strangers into the bedroom. Keeping it in a common space provides accountability.”

The Boutwells are available for additional help at or to schedule a free consultation.

For even more information, click here to watch an interview with the Boutwells. 

West Houston Teen Leadership Summit 2023

Student leaders Lillian Baker ‘25, Gianna Fasanella ‘25, Dylan Jenkins ‘25 and Ella Allen ‘25 about their experience at the West Houston Teen Leadership Summit.

Four of our upper school students attended the West Houston Teen Leadership Summit led by State Congressman Mano Deayala. Nominated by faculty, these students were selected based on their leadership and character. The all-day summit included panels on business, communication and media, government and politics, and community and leadership. 

Student leaders Lillian Baker ‘25, Gianna Fasanella ‘25, Dylan Jenkins ‘25 and Ella Allen ‘25 about their experience at the West Houston Teen Leadership Summit.

Gianna Fasanella also shared reflections on leadership, saying, “To lead courageously, I must be willing to accept responsibility and embrace the platform provided to me to speak the truths based on biblical principles and a Christian foundation.” She adds, “I learned the importance of using my voice to speak up and raise awareness of the issues and concerns faced by my generation.” 

“I learned to lead courageously by being a man of integrity,” shared Dylan Jenkins. “I learned that everything I do matters, including what I do on social media and how I treat people. I learned that small choices can make a big vision happen.” 

Lillian Baker learned that using your voice is the best way to have an influence and become a stronger, trusted leader. She explains, “All the speakers emphasized that success does not come from the money you make; it is a result of the positive impact you make on the people in your community.” Accordingly, Ella Allen said, “I learned that leadership means sacrificing your own desires for others. Leadership is a lifelong commitment.”

Dylan agreed, describing the influence of Jim McIngvale, "Mattress Mack." “He is one of the most influential businessmen in Houston, who models the high responsibility to give and lead by example in generosity. He helped me consider how my future business can help other people and help the entire community. God blesses one so that he can be a blessing to many."

“I left the summit with a curiosity and eagerness to learn more. Getting involved and speaking up gives one the influence to initiate change,” summarized Gianna. 

The West Houston Teen Leadership Summit left a lasting impact these student leaders will carry forward as they grow into leaders who think critically, live biblically and lead courageously.

Honoring Coach DJ Hayden

We honor the life and loss of assistant football coach Coach DJ Hayden.

This is for Coach DJ Hayden, whose influence on our student-athletes extended beyond the football field. Coach Hayden, despite being new to the SBS coaching staff, quickly became a mentor and source of inspiration, motivation and support for the SBS varsity football team, particularly the defensive backs he coached. 

“I’ve never lost a coach in or out of season,” shared Head Football Coach Beck Brydon in a passionate letter to his team. “But God is gracious, merciful and loving. In ways that only God himself knows, Coach Hayden’s sudden passing brought tremendous grief, but also joy.”

DJ Hayden was a former NFL cornerback known for his journey from a life-threatening injury to a successful professional football career. He also had a strong football career at the University of Houston. While his talent was undeniable, Hayden faced a life-threatening setback early in his NFL career. In 2012, he suffered a severe chest injury that required life-saving surgery. Remarkably, Hayden made a full recovery and displayed resilience and determination in his return to the football field. He brought these experiences to his coaching career, influencing SBS students with his unique perspective.

Coach Hayden cared deeply for the students he coached, demonstrating a selfless quality his players longed to emulate. Ethan Dishman ‘25 shared, “Coach Hayden was a great man who always cared for others and brought a positive spirit. He made me believe in myself, and I will never forget the lessons he taught me.”

Senior Jackson Powers agreed, “Coach Hayden was caring and unselfish. He was a mentor to a lot of people, including me.” Dylan Jenkins ‘26 echoed these statements, saying, “Coach Hayden had the most genuine care for the players and the team He wanted to genuinely coach us and see results.”

His influence will continue, not only in the impact he made athletically with his players, but in his example. “I miss him every day. He did nothing sort of motivate me and demand the best from me,” said sophomore Adam Vessel. “He told us that he wanted to get a state title his first year coaching. We are going to win state for him.”

Student after student, player after player, tell the same story - one of Coach Hayden’s dedication, compassion and leadership. Max Bagwell ‘25 said, “I believe a player and coach relationship is built on trust. Coach Hayden gave me his trust so I gave him mine.” 

“Coach Hayden was a fun and energetic person to be around no matter who was the person, or what your circumstance was with him he always was a spirit you wanted to be around,” said junior Bryce Butler.

“Life is precious and short,” Coach Brydon wrote. “We do not know the hour of our own passing, or Jesus’ returning. As one of our senior football players after receiving the news: ‘Coach, we need tell each other we love each other every day for the rest of the season." 

Avery Bodine, Comms Fellow

Avery Bodine '25 encourages a spirit of gratitude in this season.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever. 
1 Chronicles 16:34

As Thanksgiving approaches, like many of us, I have begun to reflect on the blessings in my life. I am so eternally grateful for God's deliverance, steadfastness and sovereignty. His unwavering guidance and protection carries us through storms, leading us to the shores of safety and peace.

What blessing are you most thankful for?

As we reflect on our journeys, let us fill our hearts with gratitude, acknowledging the divine hand that orchestrates our deliverance. Together, we can celebrate the season of gratitude and strengthen our connection with the Father. 

TAPPS One Act Play State Champions 2023

Congratulations to Second Theatre Company’s state championship in the TAPPS One Act Play Competition!

Our upper school honors theatre made history on Thursday, November 9. Performing The Infamous Soothing System of a Professor Maillard, the cast and crew won the TAPPS Division 1 District 4 State One Act Play Competition! Nic Schweers ‘26 and Gray Gilbert ‘25 were named All Star Cast and Emma Hodge won Honorable Mention All Star Cast. This is the first state championship in the Second Theatre Company history.

"I am so proud of these students and their hard work, God-given talents and exceptional attention to detail!” shared Director of Arts Cindy Blades. “To God be the glory."

Before winning state, Nic Schweers ‘26 was named District Best Actor. Ella Farias ‘25, Olivia Shoemaker ‘25 and Lily Tondera ‘24 were named to the District All Star Cast. Gray Gilbert ‘25, Emma Hodge ‘26 and Caroline Lane ‘24 were named District Honorable Mention All-Star Cast, and Geneva Hudson ‘24 was named District Best Crew.

“These students have worked hard since August, perfecting their roles and squeezing everything out of their characters. They really grew as a cast and crew, and we are so excited that they were recognized,” said Assistant Director Claire Westmoreland. “We pray before every performance that the audience would see something different in these students and that is Christ in them. They represented SBS, their families and God in a magnificent way at the state competition.”

Join us in celebrating the incredible work of these students and their director, Cindy Blades, and assistant director, Claire Westmoreland. Bravo!

I am so proud of these students.  They have worked hard since August, perfecting their roles and squeezing everything out of their characters as possible.  They really have grown as a cast and crew and we are so excited that they were recognized.  We pray before every performance that the audience would see something different in these students and that is Christ in them.  They represented SBS, their families and God in a magnificent way at the state competition.  Cindy and I are honored to walk around in their lives!
Claire Westmoreland

Cast and crew members share their experiences winning state.

It was such an honor to win state! Our cast and crew led courageously by interacting with the other schools at competition, and we were able to shine our light for Christ by encouraging the other schools in their performances. We bonded so much as a group through this process, and it was really affirming to know that our hard work paid off.
Caroline Lane ‘24

Our cast became more like a family because of our trip to the state championship. I learned so much - not only about theatre, but also about trusting and relying on those around you. 
Olivia Shoemaker ‘25

The state championship broadened my perspective and helped me realize the accomplishments we can achieve when we work together.
Nic Schweers ‘26

Being stage manager for the show taught me the importance of balancing my own high expectations of myself with what I was being called to do. When I felt anxiety heading into district and state, I had to take a step back in order to truly enjoy the experience. It was so much fun getting to travel with so many people who I adore and getting to meet many more while watching all the fun shows! 
Geneva Hudson ‘24