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Think Critically. Live Biblically. Lead Courageously.

A Christ-centered, caring community achieving educational excellence in pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 12. 

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Second Baptist School Varsity Baseball: 7X State Champions

Second Baptist School defeats Southwest Christian School 10-7, clinching our 7th state title! 

In an awe-inspiring display of courage, faith and teamwork, the Second Baptist School varsity baseball team triumphed as state champions, overcoming odds that seemed insurmountable at the outset of their season. Labeled as underdogs and finishing fourth in their league, the Eagles' path to victory was nothing short of miraculous, punctuated by a deep-rooted belief in their abilities and the guiding hand of God.

Coach Noble's Perspective
Coach Rayner Noble, reflecting on the season, "This was a unique accomplishment. We barely made the playoffs, and next thing we know, we are state champions. What a season! To God be the glory!" His words not only reflect a humble acknowledgment of their unexpected success but also highlight the profound faith that defines the team's ethos.

Critical Contributions from Young Players
The championship game was a testament to the maturity and skill of the team's younger members. Thomas Womble ‘26, was called upon to close the game during the tense final inning. Despite the pressure, Thomas focused on delivering precise pitches, relying on his sinker as his curveball faltered. His ability to adapt under pressure was critical in securing the championship. Coach Jeff Schroeder and fellow teammate Wes Baker provided essential encouragement, boosting his confidence at this crucial moment.

Ethan Eschweiler ‘26 opened the game as the team's starting pitcher. Prepared by a night of restful sleep and strategic mental preparation by Coach Schroeder, Ethan effectively managed the initial innings, setting a strong defensive foundation for the game. His prayers for calmness and peace between innings underscored the spiritual resilience central to the team's identity.

Wes Baker, who played multiple roles including catcher and third baseman, epitomized the team's fighting spirit. Before the playoffs, Coach Noble reminded the team of their underdog status and the importance of playing with tenacity and faith. Wes's momentous 450-foot home run in the championship game was a highlight, marking a turning point that rallied his teammates and underscored the Eagles' determination.

Senior Leadership and Legacy
The team's seniors, including Ben Kalife and Turner Murdock, provided essential leadership. Ben focused on keeping morale high and ensuring that every player was ready to contribute, emphasizing the importance of unity and perseverance. Turner encapsulated the season with one word: "GRIT." He commended the underclassmen for stepping up, highlighting the blend of youth and experience as a key to their success.

A Season to Remember
The 2023-2024 Second Baptist School varsity baseball team has not only won a state championship but also created a legacy of faith, perseverance and teamwork. Their journey from playoff qualifiers to state champions serves as a profound testament to the power of belief and the strength of a united team under God's guidance.
Celebrating their victory, they give all glory to God, recognizing that their faith and hard work led them to this remarkable achievement.

VIDEO | Underdogs to Champions: Second Baptist School Takes the State Championship!

Celebrating Excellence: Second Baptist School Class of 2024 Graduation

The Second Baptist School Class of 2024 celebrated their achievements at graduation, led by valedictorian Olivia Smith and salutatorian Ellie Veeningen. The ceremony highlighted the graduates’ resilience and readiness to impact the world.

As the sun set over Houston, the future shone brightly on the faces of our graduating Class of 2024. This year’s commencement ceremony not only marked the culmination of hard work and perseverance but also celebrated unprecedented achievements, most notably that of our valedictorian Olivia Smith, who made history as both the first black valedictorian and a distinguished Jefferson Scholar.

Olivia's experience at Second Baptist has been marked by both inspiration and impressive accolades. As she prepares to attend the University of Virginia this fall as a Jefferson Scholar, she reflects, “This scholarship is not just an honor; it’s a testament to the support and challenges at Second Baptist that pushed me to excel.” Her commitment to leadership, scholarship and citizenship is a shining example of our school's values in action. Olivia has also been selected to the prestigious University of Virginia Dance Team, demonstrating her abilities and dedication across a wide range of activities.

During her valedictory address, Olivia shared a narrative of resilience and collective growth, humorously recounting the masked beginnings of their freshman year and a senior year filled with joy and normalcy. Her reflections resonated deeply, reminding us all of the journey these students have shared.

Salutatorian Ellie Veeningen also left a profound impact with her speech. Ellie reflected on the class's high school journey, likening it to a "Hero’s Journey,"  complete with adventure, trials and ultimate triumph. Her speech painted a vivid picture of a class that, despite numerous challenges, has grown closer and stronger, exemplifying resilience and unity. 

This year's graduation speaker, Keith Garvin, a respected news anchor from KPRC, shared a compelling message with our graduates. Encouraging them to 'walk worthy,' he emphasized the importance of living a life that honors God. Referencing Colossians 1:9-10, Garvin explained, “Walking worthy means living every aspect of your life in a way that gives glory and honor to God. This requires focus because, graduates, regardless of the college you are headed to, the reality is that you are walking into a world that does not want you to focus on what is godly, right, and true.” His words served as a powerful reminder of the values that Second Baptist School instills in its students.

Head of School Dr. Don Davis offered his praise, noting, "This class has not only met our expectations but has soared beyond, contributing significantly to our legacy of excellence in academics, arts and athletics." His message underscored the graduates' critical role in upholding and advancing our mission to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously.

Head of Upper School Jon Konzelman added, "The Class of 2024 has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive despite the unique challenges they faced. Their achievements are not just academic but are a testament to their character and determination to succeed against all odds."

The ceremony was more than a farewell; it was a vibrant send-off to a class destined to impact the world. As these graduates step forward, they carry the deep bonds and rich experiences that have shaped them into tomorrow’s leaders. 

We are immensely proud of each graduate as they embark on their next chapters, facing the future with brightness and promise. As this academic year closes, we eagerly anticipate the continued success of our alumni and the new heights they will reach.

Congratulations, Class of 2024, for upholding our core values of Christ-centeredness and academic excellence within a caring community. Your legacy at Second Baptist School will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.

Click here for the Class of 2024 graduation photos!

Click here for the Class of 2024 recap video!



Class of 2028: Rooted in Faith

 Second Baptist School celebrates the Class of 2028! 

The Second Baptist School community gathered recently to honor the promotion of the Class of 2028, marking a significant milestone in the lives of the eighth grade students. The event, filled with heartfelt speeches, prayers, and awards, was a testament to the students' hard work and the support of their families and teachers.

Second Baptist School alumna Whitney Thode ‘19 delivered an inspiring charge to the students, encouraging them to pursue wisdom and stay true to their faith as they transition into upper school.

A highlight of the ceremony was when Derek Hickle, eighth grade bible teacher, introduced the devotional readings, where several students shared their reflections on faith and personal growth:

Maya Schmidt spoke about the importance of being rooted in Christ, drawing a parallel between the roots of a mighty oak tree and the strength derived from a deep relationship with Jesus.

Elijah Parrish shared a personal story about the need for supportive relationships, likening it to the stability required when climbing down from a roof, and emphasized the biblical call to bear one another's burdens.

Georgia Northrup reflected on overcoming difficult times with the assurance of God's unending love, reminding her peers that nothing can separate them from God's love.

Noah Franshaw highlighted that Jesus knows all of us inside and out, encouraging students to trust in Jesus, who empathizes with their struggles.

Leah Garner urged her classmates to prioritize their relationship with God over the busyness of life, emphasizing that God deserves more than just excuses.

As the ceremony concluded, awards were presented, and the proud eighth graders received their certificates of promotion. The Texas Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented the 2024 DAR Youth Citizenship Award to Bailey Ultis. The Karen Jensen Scholar Award was presented to two students, Leah Garner and Elijah Parrish.

Congratulations, Class of 2028!

Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. - Philippians 2:2


Eighth Grade Promotion Album

Sounds of Springtime

This year's spring concerts showcased the incredible talents of our arts students with iconic pieces and standout solos, reflecting the dedication and talent that define the  Second Baptist School Arts Department.

Join us as we look back on our incredible spring instrumental and choral concerts, celebrating the outstanding achievements of our students! Middle and upper school students brought their carefully rehearsed songs from the classroom to the main stage. Every note and voice blend together beautifully, creating a single seamless sound that reverberates throughout the room. 

The spring instrumental music concert featured iconic American classics such as “Linus and Lucy” by the sixth grade band and “Smoke on the Water” by the seventh through twelfth grade bands. As tunes rang through the trumpets and trombones and percussionists held the beat, the audience found themselves toe-tapping and clapping along! Our upper school feature displayed the incredible talent of sophomore Ethan Chan, who stole the show with his performances of three classics by Johann Sebastian Bach. The talent of each developing musician wowed the entire audience.

This year, the Second Baptist School choir delivered a spectacular performance, revitalizing pieces that have become beloved staples of our annual spring concert. The choir's fresh and unique blend of voices captivated an audience that included both first-time listeners and long-time attendees, making the evening a memorable experience for all. 

Featuring the 2021 hit song “Memories” performed by our freshmen choir, as well as classic pieces including “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel” by the middle school choir and “Blessing” performed by the Vision and Reflection choirs alongside alumni, the spring choir concert proved itself again to be a well-loved tradition. The evening concluded with a series of outstanding solos by our seniors, each of which highlighted the individual talent and hard work that define our choir and the SBS Arts Department. 

The sentiment and uniqueness of this year's spring choir concert will be remembered for years as we honor the departure of many cherished leaders and contributors to the arts program at Second Baptist School. Among these dedicated individuals is Debbie Wylie, who delivered her final performance with the choir during this year’s concert. “Debbie Wylie is a great friend and a wonderful accompanist,” expressed Choir Director Rebekah Martin. “She has been supportive and generous with her time, and we are so thankful for her dedication to this program.” 

Furthermore, as the seniors of the Class of 2024 prepare to conclude their journey, Ms. Martin acknowledges their exemplary leadership. "The seniors have led by example and have been instrumental in motivating underclassmen," she affirmed. “Seniors Jayden Lundy and Connor Kelley proved to be invaluable assets, mastering extremely challenging parts, while Samuel and Isaac Konuma demonstrated humility in their leadership, readily undertaking any task asked of them.” Many of these seniors have been part of the choir since their freshman or middle school years, and their exceptional talents and leadership will be greatly missed! 

Thank you to all of our SBS families, dedicated parents, Arts Patrons members and board for their continued support of the arts at SBS this year.


Spring Concert Photos

Four Decades of Dedication

Congratulations to Bible teacher Jeannene Simonton, who retires after forty years of service at Second Baptist School.

It is rare to see someone commit to one place and one mission for 40 years, but Bible teacher Jeannene Simonton is an exception. Her unwavering commitment to Christian education and instilling the Word of God in the hearts of young people is worthy of recognition. After forty years of service, Jeannene Simonton will retire from teaching this academic year. We are grateful for her impact at Second Baptist School.

“Jeannene Simonton leaves behind a legacy of love for scripture, commitment to students and a genuine love for Second Baptist School,” said Head of Upper School Jon Konzelman. 

Ms. Simonton, affectionately known as “Simo,” shared her own thoughts on the experience of teaching Bible at SBS. “It has been the greatest privilege and honor to teach these students over the past 40 years. There are only two things that are eternal: people and the Word of God. I have invested my life in these two things, and I am hopeful that God has been honored and glorified.”

“My favorite part of teaching,” shared Ms. Simonton, “has been walking with SBS seniors on the ‘holy ground’ of their lives as they make decisions about their futures. I hope they have grasped the extent to which they are loved by God and how He, along with the Son and the Holy Spirit, are the only sources of truth, beauty and goodness.”  

Former student and current SBS Bible teacher Emma (Prestage) Box ‘15 said, “It has been a gift to have been a student of Ms. Simonton’s and now one year as her colleague. Jeanenne Simonton's class was always a space where I knew I could feel safe. It is so important to know that your teacher is for you and has grace for you in the busy season of senior year. She showed us this consistently.”

“For the past four decades, Jeannene Simonton has dedicated her life to the spiritual growth and biblical education of students at Second Baptist School,” emphasized Head of School Dr. Don Davis. “She has instilled the gospel and cultivated a biblical worldview in the hearts and minds of countless students. Her passion for studying God's Word and genuine care for her students have left an indelible mark, impacting thousands of lives for eternity. SBS is profoundly grateful for her faithful teaching legacy.”