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A Christ-centered, caring community achieving educational excellence in pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 12. 

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Dancing into Victory: The Golden Girls Shine Again

The Second Baptist School Golden Girls dance team continues to dazzle with their exceptional talent and dedication in recent competitions.

The Second Baptist School Golden Girls dance team continues to dazzle with their exceptional talent and dedication in recent competitions.

At the TAPPS Competition, held at the Waco Convention Center, the Golden Girls wowed judges with their pom and lyrical routines, earning third place in Division II.

Their winning streak continued at the Crowd Pleaser Dance Competition, hosted at Cypress Woods High School. Their performances in lyrical, jazz and pom routines swept the competition and clinched Best in Class awards across all dance categories.

"Coach Whitehead and I are blessed to lead an exceptional group of young women!,” said Assistant Coach Jacqueline Comparin. “Their commitment to Golden Girls shines brightly in every performance, reflecting the countless hours invested starting in August. Through dedication, perseverance and a deep-rooted faith, they embrace the challenges with grace and enthusiasm. While success is cherished, their primary aim is to honor the Lord through their dances. It's a true joy to coach these extraordinary girls!"

Their unwavering commitment shines through as the Golden Girls look forward to future competitions and seasons. Each performance showcases their exceptional talent and boundless enthusiasm, leaving us inspired and proud of the positive influence they have on the SBS community. 

TAPPS Awards

Superior Rating- 3rd Place, Division II

Kick Company - Caroline Lane ‘24
Leap Company - Taylor Stensgaard ‘25
First Team All State - Caroline Lane ‘24 
First Team All State - Olivia Shoemaker ‘25 
Second Team All-State - Taylor Stensgaard ‘25
All-State Honorable Mention - Geneva Hudson ‘24 

Crowd Pleasers Competition Awards

Best in Class - Lyrical, Jazz and Pom
1st Runner-Up Classic Small High School
Highest GPA in contest 
Platinum or High Platinum Routines

Save the date for the Golden Girls Spring Show on Monday, April 15, 2024, where you can see the Golden Girls show off their talent, including their award-winning competition routines. In addition, you won’t want to miss special appearances by upper school vocalists, varsity cheerleaders and the infamous Golden Guys!

Golden Girls Photo Album

New Family Article - The Allisons

Join us in welcoming the Allison Family to Second Baptist School!

Welcoming the Allison Family to Second Baptist School

Second Baptist School (SBS) is thrilled to welcome the Allison family into our caring community this academic year. Scott and Jennifer Allison, along with their twins, Alice Kate and Gibson, have brought a vibrant energy and a dedication to both academic excellence and Christian values. As they reflect on their first semester experiences at SBS, the Allisons share insights into their journey and the unique aspects of their transition to our school.

Choosing SBS: A Quest for Academic Rigor and Christian Values

For the Allison family, selecting the right school was not just about academics but also about finding a community that aligned with their faith. "We were looking for a school that not only prioritizes academic rigor but also upholds our family's Christian values," shared Scott and Jennifer. After exploring various options, they found SBS to be the perfect fit. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with a strong emphasis on Christian principles, resonated deeply with their aspirations for their children's education.

Seamless Transition and Community Support

Transitioning to a new school can be daunting, especially for children. However, the Allisons found the move to SBS remarkably smooth, thanks to the support from both the school community and host families. "We have felt supported by not only the community but also the host families, who played a pivotal role in facilitating connections for the twins even before the school year commenced," noted the Allisons. The clear mission and expectations set by SBS ensured a seamless integration into the school community for the entire family.

Noteworthy Differences and Exceptional Faculty

One of the standout features of SBS for the Allisons has been the level of communication and professionalism exhibited by the faculty and staff. They noted the exceptional use of technology, such as iPads, which empowered their twins to take charge of their learning journey. Additionally, the diverse backgrounds of the teachers brought richness to the educational experience. Among the notable faculty members, fifth-grade English teacher Mrs. Schweer stood out for her engaging teaching style and dedication to her students.

Memorable Moments and Highlights

Reflecting on their first semester at SBS, the Allisons shared several memorable moments. They particularly highlighted the introduction of electives in fifth grade, which allowed their children to explore new interests and talents. The fifth-grade play, filled with joy and excitement, was a highlight for the family, affirming their decision to choose SBS.

"My SBS is..."

As part of SBS's theme for the year, "Our SBS," the Allisons completed the sentence, "My SBS is a firm foundation." They emphasized the school's unwavering commitment to Christian values, which permeate every aspect of life at SBS, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for spiritual growth.

The addition of the Allison family to the SBS community has enriched our school's tapestry, reinforcing our commitment to academic excellence and Christian values. As they continue their journey at SBS, we look forward to witnessing the growth and achievements of Alice Kate, Gibson, and the entire Allison family.

Artistic Achievements at the Rodeo

SBS lower, middle and upper school art students competed in the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art Contest, winning numerous awards.

Each year, our visual arts department competes in the Houston Livestock & Rodeo Art Competition. SBS art students from all division levels enter a school-wide art competition in which chosen art pieces are submitted to compete at the city-wide rodeo competition. 

Finalists receive a ribbon based on the tier they qualify for, with blue ribbons indicating first place, red as second and white as third. A turquoise ribbon indicates a student in the running for Best of Show or a medal. This year, SBS students earned 9 blue ribbons and 4 turquoise ribbons, a huge accomplishment. Additionally, Lucy Brown ‘28 won a gold medal for her artwork!

Lower school art teacher, Sarah Bramlett, sums it up perfectly. “I couldn’t be more proud if I tried! These students worked so hard on their artwork, and it is no surprise how well they did in the competition. They are truly using the gifts God has given them.”

Join us in congratulating the following students, whose artwork was examined among thousands of entries! 

Ellen Hickman '36 - Red Ribbon
William Lotz '36 Red Ribbon
Lucy Hall '34 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Colt Talbert '34 - Red Ribbon
Thomas Bramlett '33 - Red Ribbon
Landon Manners '33 - Red Ribbon
Joshua McCarley '33 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Ethan Farias '32 - Blue Ribbon
Ellie Fassanella '32 - White Ribbon
Leah Sanders '32 - White Ribbon

Kennerly Correll '31 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Hannah Rushing '31 - Blue Ribbon
Sawyer George '30 - Blue Ribbon
Kendal Lippy '30 - Blue Ribbon
Sophie Yue '30 - Blue Ribbon
Jordan Rhames ‘29 - Red Ribbon
Amanda Woody ‘29 - Blue Ribbon
Lucy Brown ‘28 - Gold Medal
Charisma Chambers ‘28 - White Ribbon
Sydney Hall ‘28 - Blue Ribbon

Liston Johnson ‘27 - White Ribbon
Brody LeBlanc ‘27 - White Ribbon
Bellamy Stalley ‘27 - Red Ribbon
Ella Peterson ‘27 - Blue Ribbon
Alyssa Yueling Zhang ‘27 - Turquoise Ribbon - Finalist
Charis Chambers ‘26 - Blue Ribbon

In Focus | Celebrate the Gospel

Decisions for Christ concluded a gospel-centered week led by the Second Baptist Church youth team with our SBS middle schoolers.

Each year, SBS middle school sets aside a week for In Focus, an event led by the Second Baptist Church youth team, to focus on the gospel message and draw students closer to Christ. 

Each day, fifth through eighth grade students gathered for fun games, grade-level competitions, meaningful worship and a purposeful message from Second Baptist Church youth pastor Nate Long. 

Pastor Long’s messages centered on the parable of the Good Samaritan. He emphasized that "head knowledge" of Jesus and scripture is not enough; they have to have "heart knowledge" by knowing Jesus and putting his teachings into action. “Though the Samaritan may have had very little head knowledge of Jesus or his teachings, he lived them out more than the religious elites that left the beaten man on the side of the road.” Pastor Long encouraged students to love Jesus enough to live out His teachings every day.

On Wednesday, students were invited to accept Christ as their personal savior. Twenty six students made the decision to either accept this call or to pursue initial baptism. What could be more worthy of celebration? The week closed with the entire middle school gathered in the Voss parking lot for a full-on extravaganza, complete with inflatable obstacle courses, music, ice cream, games and fellowship.

Middle School Assistant Head Craig Brockhan said, “Praise God for the work he has done in the hearts of these students.” He recognized the partnership of teachers, saying they are the “hands and feet of Christ at SBS,” and their work is producing eternal fruit. 
In Focus 2024 will be a week to be remembered as the Gospel message was delivered, received and celebrated in big ways!

100 Days in H Building

Celebrating the hundredth day of school in the new lower school building.

The hundredth day of school in our SBS lower school is always a momentous occasion, celebrated by kindergarteners dressed as 100-year-olds, and, more subtly, by the many ways our youngest students have grown - inches gained, teeth lost, reading skills sharpened and friendships built.

This year is especially celebratory as we reflect on 100 days of school in H Building, the beautiful new space designed with lower school students and teachers in mind. On December 5, 2022, teachers walked the barren, unfinished halls of this building, physically writing prayers on the soon-to-be walls and floors, and today, we see how God is answering them as young students grow in knowledge and understanding, academically and spiritually.

Head of Lower School Rita Herring shared, “Even after the first 100 days, the joy and excitement of lower school being together in our new building has not diminished. I love seeing the halls and classrooms filled with students and teachers. After years of planning and anticipation, having a space designed for learning and accomplishing our mission is wonderful.”

Lower school faculty and staff members reflect on the last hundred days and the impact of the new building.

“It has been so nice to be near colleagues in the same building rather than spread out over campus, to be able to collaborate and observe other teachers. Our classrooms have been such a blessing with all the added space. We have enjoyed using the extra elbow room, especially during math lessons. Our measurement unit was better than ever! We measured the hallways and the length of our classrooms; estimating the distance to the office was especially fun. Everything about the space was so thought out and perfectly planned. I love being in H Building!”
Alison Tidmore, Second Grade

“The first 100 days of teaching in the new building offered an unexpected surprise. I was prepared for the newness, the cleanliness and the joy of having a new classroom. What I experienced was the openness and abundance of light in the new building. The oversized windows throughout the building have offered opportunities to view the campus and the areas surrounding us. My students and I have watched the ever-changing weather patterns around us. We have seen storms develop and the sun break through the clouds. The openness that we experience in the new building reflects the vision of our school and the education of our future students.”
Madeline Jobe, Bridge

"I am truly thankful for the patience and grace our families have given us these past 100 days. Our talented and loving teachers have done a great job teaching our lower school students how to maneuver in our new spaces. Having all grade levels under one roof has made the culture here more cohesive between students and staff. I am blessed to be part of it all."
Natalie Weatherly, Lower School Administrative Assistant