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A Christ-centered, caring community achieving educational excellence in pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 12. 

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Spring Swing 2024


Second Baptist School's Spring Swing was a fun-filled event celebrating spring sports, uniting students, faculty and families in a day of traditions.

Second Baptist School's Spring Swing was a vibrant celebration of spring sports, bringing together students, faculty and families in a day of spirited events and athletic achievements.

The day began with athletes opening doors at lower school carpool and seniors signing autographs for lower school students at lunch, igniting excitement for the evening events. With a fun-filled pep rally, the entire school gathered in the E Gym to honor spring sports, enjoy performances from the cheerleaders and Golden Girls and even laugh through a cheerleading parody by the Golden Guys. As the day transitioned into evening, the community gathered for fun, festivities and ball games.

Ahead of their game, varsity softball honored the dedicated faculty members who have profoundly impacted their athletic journey.Their influence extends far beyond the classroom, shaping the character and resilience of our student athletes.

On the baseball diamond, connections were forged between lower schoolers and varsity players, opening up mentorship opportunities beyond the game. Pacer and Phletcher Springer '34 had the honor of throwing the first pitch, while other lower school students eagerly joined varsity players on the field, picking up on the energy around them.

This year’s Spring Swing was a lively celebration of sports and community, highlighting the excitement of the athletes and the supportive relationships between students and faculty.

Eclipsed Expectations

Second Baptist School's embrace of the eclipse shows how science and faith can go hand in hand, teaching important lessons about the world around us.

In August, Mrs. Ana Konuma, middle school science teacher, sought out a unique opportunity to enrich the educational journey of her students. With the upcoming total eclipse passing through Texas in April, she contacted Anthony Yanez of “Anthony’s Weather Lab - KPRC Channel 2 News,” hoping to provide her students the opportunity to take part in a live broadcast. Mrs. Konuma sought to deepen her students’ comprehension of the solar system and the solar eclipse through this once in a lifetime experience. Moreover, she sought to instill a profound awe of God’s handiwork, nurturing a greater appreciation for both science and faith in their hearts and minds.

In the fifth grade space unit, students embraced the opportunity to witness the solar eclipse firsthand. Students marveled at the “perfection and uniqueness” of God’s creation, as Mrs. Konuma emphasized how “the universe is God’s canvas, and the world around us is a testament to this.” Additionally, Mr. Anthony Yanez reinforced the interconnectedness of faith and knowledge in understanding the beauty of God’s creation by enlightening students on the scientific precision behind such celestial events. 

To conclude the experience with KPRC and their solar system unit, three students were pre-selected to participate in giving a weather forecast on live television. Fifth grade students Maddie Gardner ‘31, Mackenzie Dunn ‘31 and Hogan Hermes ‘31 stood confidently in front of their peers and the camera crew, sharing the forecast for Monday, April 8, explaining that “it will be cloudy, but we hope we can still see the eclipse.” We are so proud of their preparation for this moment. Watch their broadcast here

Opening up this unique opportunity to the entire school, all students, faculty and staff gathered outside on an otherwise ordinary Monday afternoon to observe this extraordinary event. The middle school forecasters accurately predicted the weather; clouds obstructed the sky. Nevertheless, the school gathered on the athletic green, donned eclipse glasses and gazed into the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of the sun and moon from beyond the clouds. With anticipation mounting, joy-filled gasps originated from the middle school students as the crescent-shaped sun emerged, filling both students and staff with awe and gratitude. 

The entire school community admired not only the scientific phenomena occurring before their eyes but also at the spiritual truths embedded within. The timely parting of the clouds revealed not only the illumination of the sun peering behind the moon but also the purposeful design of the Creator. Above all, the pausing amidst our normal Monday routines allowed Second Baptist School to appreciate the divine artistry showcased in this celestial event, emphasizing God's meticulous design and care for His creation.

New SBS Family: The Valdezes

Join us in welcoming the Valdez Family to Second Baptist School!

Meet the Valdez family – Raul and Anita Valdez and their children Ace ‘27 and Zach ‘30. 

Choosing Second Baptist School was driven by their desire for an educational environment that aligned with their values and aspirations for their sons' futures. “Having been members of Second Baptist Church West Campus for 8 years, we knew SBS was just what we were looking for, while also offering a strong academic experience," shared Mr. and Mrs. Valdez.

Embracing Community with New Family Events

The transition to SBS was smooth for the Valdez family, thanks to the warm hospitality of the SBS community. "As a new family, there were many events specifically designed to make the process a smooth one,"Anita Valdez remarks, emphasizing the thoughtful initiatives tailored to ease their transition. Embraced with open arms from the beginning, they found themselves enveloped in a supportive network of individuals united by a shared commitment to community and growth.

Impact of Christian Education: SBS Faculty 

Reflecting on their experience, the Valdez family acknowledges the profound impact of the faculty at SBS. “Everyone we have interacted with has been welcoming, and truly invested in our boys.” The genuine care and investment of faculty in their sons' spiritual and academic development have left a lasting impression, enriching their educational journey and fostering a sense of belonging among peers who share their values. 

Fostering Authenticity

At SBS, Ace and Zach are encouraged to be their authentic selves, fostering confidence and self-assurance beyond the classroom walls. This emphasis on holistic development is a significant highlight for the Valdez family, reflecting the school's commitment to nurturing every aspect of their sons' growth.

“My SBS is…”

The Valdezes conclude, “My SBS is rooted in Biblical values that guide the faculty to create an environment for strong spiritual and academic growth that prepares our children for the world outside of its walls.”

Tammy Gibbs presents Mama Bear Apologetics

Educator and Bible study teacher Tammy Gibbs presented tools for parents to train students to recognize truth. Click here to listen to the full presentation.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.
‭‭    1 Peter‬ ‭3‬:‭15‬ 

What is apologetics? Simply put, apologetics is a “defense of the faith.” The Greek word apologia means “defense,” as a lawyer gives evidence at a trial. Peter states that as believers, we are always to be prepared to give an answer, to give reason for the hope we have in Christ. 

In the face of mounting opposition, today's youth must learn to defend their faith, answer tough questions and face cultural pressures. This begins at home. SBC Bible study teacher Tammy Gibbs gave a compelling presentation on Mama Bear Apologetics, a book and movement aimed at arming parents with the tools to defend the Christian faith alongside their children and navigate the complexities of modern culture with love and truth.

Tammy Gibbs urged parents to “start with the Bible. Arm yourselves with truth.” With the foundation of a biblical worldview, we can teach our children to filter information based on absolute truth. Parents were encouraged to be a safe place for children to ask questions. “We also teach discernment: the skill of understanding and applying God’s word with the purpose of separating truth from error and right from wrong.”

Hillary Morgan Ferrar, from Mama Bear Apologetics, emphasizes, “A mature, informed, discerning worldview does not need to fear the false messages that this world churns out. It has already been trained to identify which aspects to reject.” She calls this the “chew and spit” method in which we take in information, “chew” it, and “spit out” that which is false. 

Tammy Gibbs explained the ROAR Method from Mama Bear Apologetics as a way to teach and practice apologetics with our children:

Recognize the Message.
Offer discernment (affirm good/reject bad).
Argue for a healthier approach.
Reinforce through discussion, discipleship and prayer.

Just scratching the surface on the wide field of apologetics, Tammy Gibbs encouraged parents to read Mama Bear Apologetics and arm themselves with information, tools and insights for real-world application. 

Click here to listen to the entire presentation on Mama Bear Apologetics.

Winter 2023 Sports Recap

Dive into the highlights and victories of our winter sports season, showcasing the pursuit of excellence by our eagle athletes.

Director of Athletics Mike Walker reflects on the winter season: "The 2023-2024 winter sports season was full of travel to games, events, tournaments and student accomplishments. I am incredibly proud of our coaches and teams for their accomplishments on the court, field and in the pool.”

The varsity women's basketball team fought valiantly throughout the season, reaching the state championship for the seventh time and winning the district title once more. Although they narrowly missed claiming the state title, their relentless effort and consistent success demonstrate their unwavering determination and skill on the court.

Varsity | Overall Record: 28-9, District Record: 12-0, District Champions, State Runner-ups
Eighth Grade | Overall Record: 20-0, District Record: 12-0 7-1, HJPC Champions

The men's varsity basketball team had a breakout season, making the final four for the first time in six years. With several influential seniors on the team, their exceptional leadership was critical to the team's success. The underclassmen on this team benefited greatly from their guidance and experience. 

Varsity | Overall Record: 28-8, District Record: 13-1, Co-District Champs Final Four
JV | Overall Record: 22-5, District Record 14-0
Eighth Grade | Overall Record: 18-7, District Record: 11-2, HJPC Regular Season Champs
Seventh Grade | Overall Record: 13-6

This season, the varsity men's soccer team demonstrated resilience and determination, ultimately earning a playoff spot. Coach Longee's reflection on the season perfectly captures the team's journey. "As a coach, your goal for each season is to see growth and success. I am grateful for this team's Christ-like growth this season. They shone God's light both on and off the field.”

Varsity | Overall Record: 12-10, District Record: 9-5, 4th in District, Area Playoffs

Coach Brooks challenged the women's varsity soccer team to "win the minute!" and it defined the season. Coach Brooks expressed his appreciation for the team's dedication to improvement, emphasizing their determination to achieve excellence in all aspects of the game. “These women have worked hard to live out Colossians 3:23 by working hard for their sisters, but more importantly, for Him.”

Varsity | Overall Record: 10-11, District Record: 4-10

This season, Coach Mark Hahn's varsity swim team achieved remarkable success. Aidan Burke, Cash Franz, Sam Milinski and Michael Pratt showcased their talent at the TAPPS State Swim Meet, finishing in sixth place. Coach Mark Hahn praised their hard work and camaraderie, reflecting on a season filled with joy and memorable moments in the pool.

Top 3 finishers for SBS the 2024 TAPPS Eastern Regionals

First Place
Men's 100 Free - Aidan Burke ‘24
Men's 500 Free - Sam Milinski ‘25
Men's 400 Free Relay - Aidan Burke ‘24 , Cash Franz ’27, Michael Pratt ‘25  and Sam Milinski ‘25

Second Place
Men's 200 IM - Sam Milinski ‘25
Men's 50 Free - Aidan Burke ‘24

Third Place
Men's 200 Free Relay - Sam Milinski ‘25, Ethan Eschweiler ‘25, Michael Pratt ‘25 and Cash Franz ‘27

We are so proud of our Golden Girls Dance Team. Check out this article to hear all about their season. 

Save the date for the Golden Girls Spring Show on Monday, April 15, 2024, where you can see the Golden Girls show off their talent, including their award-winning competition routines. In addition, you won’t want to miss special appearances by upper school vocalists, varsity cheerleaders and the infamous Golden Guys!

GO EAGLES! Follow @sbs_athletics on Instagram and X for continued updates on sports at SBS.