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Technology in the Classroom

SBS Technology is dedicated to providing the most effective and innovative tools in order to foster the best educational experience possible, equipping students to perform at their maximum potential both in the classroom and in the rapidly changing global community.
The Apple Advantage
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Internet Safety
Our Alumni in Technology
Howard Dierking '95
Microsoft (Program Manager II)

I’m in what I think is an interesting position with regard to technology in the sense that in addition to using technology as a core part of my job, I’m also a part of creating new technology that is ultimately used by lots of other people.
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Bradley Jackson '03
Filmaker (Writer, Director, and Producer)

As a filmmaker I use technology every day. Mostly I'm writing scripts on my laptop using a program called Final Draft.
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Nick Madole '12
App Programmer

I graduated at Second Baptist in May and I am now creating apps for the school and the technology department...
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Apple Top 10 FAQ
Q. Why do you use Apple for campus technology?
  • Simplicity: Mac OSX and iOS are easy to learn, effective and powerful operating systems for Apple devices.
  • Connectivity: Apple devices are easy to link to one another, to share between and to sync automatically.
  • Compatibility: Apple devices work seamlessly with one another and can read/write files to and from PC computers as well.  
  • Security: Mac computers are not as vulnerable to PC malware and viruses, and any existing threats can be resolved through one global change instead of individual changes by manufacturer or device type. 

Q. What grades are eligible for the one-to-one laptop program?
Each student in grades 5-12 will be issued a MacBook Air for school use. 

Q. Do I keep the same MacBook Air each year?
A. Yes, students receive the MacBook Air for three years. At the end of each three-year period, the MacBook Air will be switched out for a new one. SBS reserves the right to issue a different MacBook Air to a student if circumstances require it.

Q. Who owns the MacBook Air?
A. Each MacBook Air is property of Apple Inc. and managed by SBS. Students will have limited administrative rights to install software and updates. SBS reserves the right to uninstall any software during repairs.

Q. Can I use my personal Mac or PC instead of the provide MacBook Air?
A. No, personal computers are not eligible for the following reasons:
  • Consistency: every MacBook Air used as a learning tool must be purchased by SBS and have the SBS disk image installed.
  • Software: SBS software licenses require that we retain control of disk images; therefore students using non-SBS computers would not have access to software required for class.
  • Compatibility: Old and new Mac models have different specifications and hardware; they cannot install the SBS disk image.

Q. What software and systems does my MacBook Air come with?
  • Preloaded software includes Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Reader, Apple iLife and Apple iWork
  • Each student is given a email address. The account is hosted through Google and has access to services like Google Drive and Google Calendar.

Q. Do I have to purchase additional insurance for my MacBook Air?
A. The insurance will be covered in tuition costs. Because these are SBS managed laptops, the school already has an individual policy on every machine.

Q. Does my MacBook Air run all day without charging?
A. Battery life depends on computer settings and program usage. Students are expected to charge their computer overnight to have a full charge to start the day.

Q. Are students responsible for backing-up their files?
A. Yes, students are responsible for backup of all files. Student email addresses have access to a Google Drive account with 30GB of storage; students may also use a backup hard drive.