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Alumni Enjoy Lunch at Taste of Texas

By Stephanie Brownhill Winters ‘06
Second Baptist School Alumni joined together on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, for a special, and delicious, Alumni Networking Lunch at Taste of Texas.
With great attendance from our Houston area alumni, everyone enjoyed catching up with friends and colleagues. Jeannene Simonton gained “order in the classroom” before blessing with an opening prayer. She enjoyed catching up with “her boys” – Kirk Craig ’96, Dr. Mark Geyer ’98, Ryan Craig ’97, Jason Kates ’97 and Corbin Womac ’97.
Many lunch attendees shared their new career roles and business ventures. Ashley Selwyn ’06 recently graduated law school and is a practicing attorney at Conner & Winters, LLP. Amy Danvers Johnson ’03 is currently working in Human Resources at Deloite and Touche, and stopped by along with other 2003 grads – Joe Blades, Josh Ault, and Hannah Noble. Regan Reynolds ’06 is a pastor at Second Baptist Church and is joined in the ministry field by Kirk Craig ’96 with Urban Ministry and Brad Talbert ’04 with Houston’s First Baptist Church.
Alumni from a variety of professions joined the fun – from doctors and attorneys to bankers, teachers, pastors and missionaries. SBS is proud of each one!
SBS faculty and staff are a constant source of support and encouragement. Special thanks to Becky Larkin, Carol Ware, Donna Sims, Jeannene Simonton, Linda Linder, Ruth Ann Jones, Kim Exley and Dr. Jeff Williams for your continued and valuable investment in our alumni!
To view pictures from our Taste of Texas Lunch, CLICK HERE. To connect with the Office of Alumni Relations please e-mail or visit
Houston Alumni in attendance:
Elaina Dichiara Piggott ’84, Alison Jones Tidmore ’91, Amy Jones Atwood ’94, Kirk Craig ’96, Chris McInturff ’97, Jason Kates ’97, Ryan Craig ’97, Corbin Womac ’97, Dr. Mark Geyer ’98, Mike Turner ’98, Amir Radfar ’99, Max Monzon ’99, Brad Talbert ’01, Nora Ashkar Ripple ’02, Lauren Ashkar Baker ’02, Joe Blades ’03, Josh Ault ’03, Hannah Noble ’03,  Amy Danvers Johnson ’03,  Matt Garza ’03, Kathrine Zeren ’04, Russell Dixon ’04, Jonathan McKenzie ’04, Paige Partin McInturff ’05, Nathan Rees ’05, Scott Danvers ’05, Stacy Buckalew ’06, Reagan Reynolds ’06, Ashley Selwyn ’06, Stephanie Brownhill Winters ’06, Rebecca Sears ’07, Joey Dunn ’07, Laura Rickaway ’07, and Josh McKenzie ‘10.