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Athletics at SBS

Athletic Goals at SBS
The goal of the Department of Athletics at Second Baptist School is to provide an environment of competition, cooperation, and teamwork for our students that will glorify God and provide valuable life lessons. Winning the contest is important to any competitor; however, the lessons learned in the heat of competition are the most important attributes to be gained from the contest. Our coaches are dedicated to assisting all athletes in reaching their maximum potential as an athlete, but more importantly, as an outstanding citizen. SBS offers a wide variety of teams to choose from and all students are encouraged to try out for any and all sports that are offered. Participation in multiple sports is encouraged to ensure a healthy balance. A strength and conditioning program is provided all year for in-season and off-season training.
Athletic Accomplishments at SBS
The Athletic Department claims 24 state championships in eight different athletic sports.

In 2013-2014, SBS claimed one state championship and one student who was named individual event state champion. The Eagles had one state runner-up team, two district championships, four regional finalist teams and 14 state-qualifying teams.

In 2013-2014, SBS had 61 student athletes listed on All-District teams, 22 listed as All-State, and 32 listed as Academic All-State.
Select a Team
Select a Team:
Baseball - JV
Baseball - Middle School
Baseball - Varsity
Basketball - 7th Grade-Boys
Basketball - 7th Grade-Girls
Basketball - 8th Grade-Boys
Basketball - 8th Grade-Girls
Basketball - Freshmen-Men
Basketball - JV-Men
Basketball - JV-Women
Basketball - Varsity-Men
Basketball - Varsity-Women
Cheerleading - 8th Grade
Cheerleading - JV
Cheerleading - Varsity
Cross Country - Middle School
Cross Country - Varsity
Football - 7th Grade
Football - 8th Grade
Football - JV
Football - Varsity
Golf - JV - Men
Golf - Middle School
Golf - Varsity - Men
Golf - Varsity - Women
Soccer - Middle School-Girls
Soccer - Varsity - Women
Soccer - Varsity-Men
Softball - Middle School
Softball - Varsity
Summer - Basketball - Boys
Summer - Basketball - Girls
Swimming - Middle School
Swimming - Varsity
Tennis - JV
Tennis - Varsity
Track - JV
Track - Middle School
Track - Varsity
Volleyball - 7th Grade
Volleyball - 8th Grade
Volleyball - Freshmen
Volleyball - JV
Volleyball - Varsity
Facilities at SBS
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Athletic Director
Athletics Administrative Assistant

Office Hours: 7:30AM - 4:00PM         Phone Number: 713.365.2310