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Career Exploration
Career Exploration Guidelines for Students
Interim Term Career Exploration allows seniors to experience real-world working environments in professional areas they may be inclined to pursue. Working closely with SBS faculty advisors and shadowing business sponsors, students will explore their interests, learn about career options, and gain insight into vocations. One of the most significant aspects of their senior year, the Career Exploration Program catapults students into the workforce, providing them with critical workplace experience. 
To be able to participate in Career Exploration, the student must meet the requirements listed below. If requirements are not met, the faculty advisor has the option to reassign the student to another interim term course.
Student Requirements
Students must receive approval from the Career Exploration advisor (Mrs. Sims) before securing a position.

Students must work five days a week and at least seven hours a day. A parent must call Upper School office before 7:50 a.m. if student is absent because of illness.
Students cannot work on the SBS/SBC campus.
Students are not allowed to work for a parent or relative; in jobs they have held previously or are currently holding; or in retail stores or restaurants.
Students are not allowed to receive payment for the internship.
Students are not allowed to go out of town as part of an assignment.
If sponsor cancels a day the student must report to advisor before 7:50 a.m. so student can be assigned on campus for the day.
Guidelines signed by sponsor and e-mailed ( or faxed (713-365-2359). This form will be forwarded to student via e-mail so the student can forward to the sponsor.