Independent Study
Open to juniors and seniors only.
Students may apply to conduct an independent study during either one or two weeks of Interim Term. Students must compose a written proposal and have the study approved by administration. Consider the following guidelines when applying for an Independent Study: 
  • All Independent Study projects should be academic or service in nature. Internships with businesses will not be accepted.
  • All Independent Study proposals must include the name of a Second Baptist Upper School faculty advisor who is qualified to oversee the planning and execution of the study. The advisor will be responsible for grading the study.
  • Independent Study projects that are proposed for the two weeks of Interim Term must include an approved service project.
  • A written proposal of the study should include:objectives of the study, the method in which the study will be conducted, the location where the study will be completed, the contact information of anyone who will be assisting you in the study, the name and signature of the Second Baptist Upper School advisor
  • The proposals should be turned in for review to the Director of Interim Term.
  • Students will receive a written response to their proposal prior to Interim Term course registration.
  • Parents will bear all costs of the Independent Study.