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Parents Association

Parents Association Committee
Leslie and Matt Verghese
President Elect
Terri and Jim Huguenard
First Vice President – Upper School Coordinator
Caroline and Jeff Hildreth
Second Vice President – Middle School Coordinator
Heather and Matt Aycock
Third Vice President – Lower School Coordinator
Jodi and David Rook

Friends of the Fine Arts President
Becca and Scott Schwinger

Tanya and Andy Sloan
Corresponding/Recording Secretary
Becke and Larry Burns
Friends of the Spiritual Life Coordinator
Liz and Dan Baker
Friends of the Library
Catherine and Hal Clark
Friends of Technology
Ruth and Vance Collins
Hospitality Committee Coordinator
Carrie and Ryan Holcomb
Phyllis and Barrett Rouse
Development Committee Coordinator – Second Fund
Kathleen and Darrell Pennington