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The Eagle Athletic Booster Club (EABC) provides support and spirit in all athletic programs of Second Baptist School. The EABC sponsors Homecoming, Flight Night and Spring Swing. The EABC also sells SBS merchandise and concessions at home games to support the various Eagle athletic programs. The Booster club serves as a liaison between the athletic department of SBS, parents and the Parents Association, and over the years, dollars raised through the EABC have been used to support all athletic programs at Second Baptist School. A portion of the funds raised each year goes to defray the annual costs of athletic uniforms, pay for playoff expenses, and purchase necessary athletic equipment.

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2016 - 2017 SBS EABC Committee

Caroline and Jeff Hildreth
President Elect/Membership
April and Joe DiCecco
Claire and Sean Turner

Hospitality Chairman
Julie and Wayne Wiesen

Special Events Chairman
Christine and Kevin Hannon
Concessions (Sports)
Erin and Ron Johnson – Burger Daddies
Marla and Darrin Baumunk - Football
Rebecca and Keith Hofmann – Football
Shelley and Pete Steelman – Volleyball
Lisa and Dan Kroll – Soccer
Dana and John Doughtie – Basketball
Mary Kay and Charlie Mohrmann – Baseball
JEBC & Middle School Representative
Tracy and Gary Pedersen

Mary and Matt Fahnestock

Sandy and Bob Strozier
Debby and Troy Neumann

Jamie Coons
Jackie and John Reid
Julie and Vaughn Davidson
Kim and Scott Marshall

SBS Advancement Team

Julie Applegate
Director of Advancement
Allison Dow
Event Coordinator
Leslie Verghese
Event Coordinator

Dyanne Kimmel

System Specialist/Advancement
Publications Liaison
Jamie Coons

Nancy Merritt

Accounts Payable and Gifts Officer

Courtney Frank
Annual Giving Officer
Hallie Durrett
Alumni Coordinator

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