Upper School

Our Philosophy

The upper school seeks to graduate and send into our world young men and women who exude confidence, curiosity and character. Highly qualified academically and focused on building positive relationships with each student, the upper school faculty challenges and engages students through classroom conversation, meaningful reading and writing, cutting-edge technology and hands-on, active learning. While no school is the right fit for everyone, students matching the above description, in partnership with the outstanding faculty, will leave the upper school equipped to be successful in a future that has yet to be invented.

Interim Term

Interim Term is a two-week period in which upper school students have the exclusive opportunity to explore personal interests and seek new pursuits, learn about themselves and explore communities near and far through international travel, internships and enrichment classes. Interim Term is a challenge for students to think beyond books in the classroom, to get out of their comfort zone and to discover a passion and zest for knowledge in the real world.

College Guidance

The SBS College Guidance program seeks to enable students to make educated and reasoned choices in the college selection process. This four-year process necessitates open communication and mutual support for the student by the parents and counselors as they collectively seek the best match for each graduate. 


Entrepreneurship is a yearlong course in which upper school students learn the essential attributes of an entrepreneur and the stages he or she goes through in taking the seed of an idea and growing it into a successful venture. The focus on human centered design, the entrepreneurial spirit and the strengthening of entrepreneurial skills gives each student the capability of entering the business word before he or she even graduates.

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