Middle School

With a combination of 21st century learning, unparalleled fine arts, highly spirited athletics and a sincere devotion to Christ, the middle school curriculum is strategically designed to inspire students at developmentally appropriate levels to reach just beyond their comfort zones. Our greatest desire is to help build confidence through authentic scholarship. We invite you to come and see for yourself the profound learning and Christ-centered community at Second Baptist School.
Dr. Justin A. Smith
Head of Middle School

The Harkness Method

Through this style of student-centered learning, school is transformed from a lecture-style class to an open discussion. Students are in control of their education, as they are encouraged to ask questions, share opinions and listen attentively to their peers around the round Harkness table.

A Unique Experience

The middle school experience at Second Baptist School is full of growth opportunities. Each grade level curriculum is designed to meet students where they are and to help them grow spiritually, emotionally and academically. 

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