Lower School

SBS lower school is designed to enhance students’ abilities to make real life connections in the midst of learning new concepts. Through the use of hands-on approaches, technology, literature and energetic play, our curriculum is designed with high expectations so that students will grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. More than anything, our hope is for every student at SBS to experience God’s love firsthand.

Integration and Innovation

At every school level, Second Baptist School students are engaged in technology to expand their learning. Starting in pre-kindergarten, students attend technology class to learn basic skills, as well as use technology tools such as iPads and laptops in the day-to-day classroom curriculum. Through the use of these technology tools, our students become engaged in 21st century skills while expanding their understanding of classroom content.

Experiential Learning

Every year, students in lower school take an Experiential Learning (EL) trip, a unique experience in which students are given a more realistic view of what they have read or researched in the classroom. From experiencing firsthand the massive bone structure of a dinosaur to walking through the reality of pioneer times, EL trips bring a new level of fun and adventure to learning in lower school.

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