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Honor Code

We believe that each student should have a strong sense of personal honor and integrity. SBS seeks to promote an atmosphere of trust, honesty, and integrity with mutual respect among administrators, faculty, and students. The Honor Code challenges us to cultivate both intellectual and moral excellence, be courageous in the pursuit of justice, and remain diligent in performing the responsibilities of scholarship. We rejoice in the challenge of these pursuits.
Honor Code
As a member of the Second Baptist School community,
I will not lie, cheat or steal;
I will do my best to exemplify Christlike integrity
in my academic and personal endeavors
and encourage others to act accordingly.
Mission Statement
The mission of Second Baptist School is to train students in areas of knowledge that will allow them to understand clearly, to think deeply, to judge wisely, and to have the courage to live their lives on the great principles and convictions of biblical truth as they engage an innovative and digitally-based global community.
We hope that all students will make a commitment "to exemplify Christlike integrity in academic and personal endeavors and encourage others to act accordingly." The School acknowledges that this commitment is a challenge, and this challenge ultimately calls us to a higher standard.