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Distinguished Alumni

SBS Distinguished Alumni

In 2006, Second Baptist School began to recognize Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Alumni Parents each year at the Distinguished Speaker Luncheon in the fall. A selection committee made up of former honorees, teachers and staff receives submissions for the awards. Then, the committee nominates outstanding alumni and alumni parents and presents their nominations to the school. 
The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Award is to recognize graduates whose accomplishments, affiliations and careers have honored the legacy of Second Baptist School. 
Criteria for Distinguished Alumni:
1. The recipient should have graduated from Second Baptist School a minimum of 10 years prior to receiving the award.
2. The recipient should make outstanding contributions to their career, community, and/or church.
3. They should model Christian character in their lives. 
The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Parents Award is to recognize alumni parents who, through their volunteer efforts, contributed significantly to the life of Second Baptist School. 
Criteria of Distinguished Alumni Parents:
1. The recipient must be an alumni parent and not a current parent.
2. The recipient should have made outstanding contributions to Second Baptist School through school life, fine arts and/or athletics.
3. Both the mother and the father should have made significant contributions to the School during their time as current parents. 
If you would like to nominate someone for either of these awards, please e-mail
SBS Distinguished Alumni
2014 – Christine Young '97 
2013 – Kirby Trapolino '91
2012 – Trey Beck '89
2011 – Amy Woodruff ‘88
2010 – Edd Hendee ‘94
2009 – Greg Looser ‘87
2008 – Charles Bacarisse ‘82
2007 – Amy Ross Kay ‘89
2006 – Ted Cruz ‘88

SBS Distinguished Alumni Parents
2014 – Cathy and Bob Brewton
2013 – Kay and Tom Clanton
2012 – Lucy and Skip McBride
2011 – Carolyn and Joe Durrett
2010 – Lynda and David Tauber
2009 – Judy and Bob Craig
2008 – Pat and Allen Daniels
2007 – Dianne and Joe Reeves
2006 – Carrie and Ron Woliver
Distinguished Alumni News
Stephanie Brownhill Winters '06
Alumni Relations Coordinator

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