Second Baptist School · 6410 Woodway Drive, Houston, Texas 77057
A Christian College Preparatory School (PK-12)



Founded in 1946, Second Baptist School remains one of the premiere PK-12 private schools in the Houston area. A school for leaders, SBS esteems characteristics such as values, service, learning and community. The mission of Second Baptist School is to train students in areas of knowledge that will allow them to understand clearly, to think deeply, to judge wisely, and to have the courage to live their lives on the great principles and convictions of biblical truth as they engage an innovative and digitally-based global community.

Harkness Method

As an integral part of our curriculum, Second Baptist School has adopted the Harkness Method, a teaching and learning method of seminar style classes taught around an oval table, as means to facilitate greater individual educational opportunities and develop habits of cooperative learning. Students gain confidence as they not only master content material and skills but also take ownership of their learning.


In 2011, Second Baptist School began the One-to-One Laptop Program, a program that allows every student grades 5-12 to receive a personal laptop for classroom and home use. Technology presents new challenges for the students of the 21st century as they head to college and beyond, and enhances and expands learning opportunities for students. Students must also develop the skill necessary to adapt appropriately and integrate technology into education and personal lives.

Fine Arts

At Second Baptist School, participation in the arts is encouraged from a young age, with programs available for each grade level. Whether seen through the lenses of a camera, painted on a blank canvas, heard through the sounds of music, observed in the movement of dance, or performed on a stage, there is no substitute for the passionate and nurturing effect the arts have on the students at Second Baptist School. Through the arts, our students receive the well-balanced education for which we strive at SBS.


Athletics take a vital role in promoting the spirit and camaraderie of Second Baptist School, as evidenced by our 22 state championships in sports such as swimming, volleyball, golf, baseball and football. Our coaches are dedicated to assisting all student athletes in reaching their maximum potential. SBS offers a wide variety of teams to choose from and all students are encouraged to try out for any and all sports that are offered.


The legacy of Second Baptist School is kept alive through the involvement of our alumni. Simply crossing the stage at graduation does not end one’s experience at SBS. Many alumni send their children back to their beloved alma mater. Additionally, the administration, faculty, and staff is interspersed with former Eagles. Programs remain in place for other alumni to stay in touch, as the bonds formed at this School last a lifetime.

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